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Lawmaker rejects accusations of Moscow's hand in attack on Russian embassy in Kiev

MOSCOW, June 17, /ITAR-TASS/. Russian lawmaker Irina Yarovaya on Monday called "absurd" the statements of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry that Russian special services were behind Saturday's attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev.

On June 14 the Russian Embassy to Ukraine came under a violent attack with embassy cars overturned, the Russian flag torn down and the premises pelted with eggs, smoke barrels and firecrackers. Ukrainian police did nothing to stop the attack though there were two buses packed with police officers in a nearby street.

“The statement is on the verge of absurdity,” said Yarovaya, who is the chairwoman of the State Duma’s committee on security and counteraction to corruption.

“In fact, it is an attempt to use lies to justify themselves for the inaction during the attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev,” she said.

“First, [Ukraine’s] Interior Minister Arsen Avakov ironically justified the police’s inaction and the pogrom as ‘the people’s civic position,’” she said. “Then, his aide drove the explanations to a cynical lie towards Russia.”

“The Kiev authorities are creating dangerous precedents to undermine the international security,” Yarovaya said. “Kiev has been demonstrating a deliberately illegal pattern of behaviour, to speak nothing about de facto covering up of the riots by the authorities.”

The Russian MP said “the international community must indisputably condemn these outrageous actions inadmissible both in the international diplomacy and in the international legal relations.