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Russia’s Rostov Region houses thousands of Ukrainian refugees, gets ready for more

Over just 24 hours the Rostov Region has provided shelter for 12,181 residents of Ukraine

ROSTOV-ON-DON, June 07 /ITAR-TASS/. Several districts of Russia’s southern Rostov Region bordering on Ukraine is getting ready for an upsurge in the flow of refugees from the neighbouring country’s troubled southeast. A second camp for accommodating women and children has opened in the Neklinovka district, the deputy head of the district administration, Aleksandr Tretyakov, has told Itar-Tass.

Over just 24 hours (on June 5-6) the Rostov Region has provided shelter for 12,181 residents of Ukraine, the regional government’s information policies department told Itar-Tass earlier.

“On Friday, several busloads of refugees from Krasnopartizansk, Sverdlovsk and Lugansk arrived at the Dmitriadovka camp, which is now full to capacity,” Tretyakov said. “We are getting ready to open another camp. By and large we are prepared to house the refugees, but we cannot more forecast how many of them will arrive.”

The regional government has published a special memo for refugees from south-eastern Ukraine crossing the Russian border with advice where they should turn for assistance.

“If Ukrainian residents cross the border as an organized group, they are invited to turn to temporary shelters of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry along the border. Those who arrive on their own are asked to turn to the local authorities for prompt initial assistance and advice.”

The memo contains the telephone numbers of district authorities, the labour and social development ministry and representatives of the region’s governor. The regional charity fund’s four offices are collecting relief aid. A bank account for cash donations is open. Over just three days the fund’s relief aid accounts have received an equivalent of 100,000 US dollars in private donations from across Russia.