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Kiev’s air raid on Lugansk grossly violates Geneva deals, OSCE roadmap - Russia

MOSCOW, June 2 (Itar-Tass) - The Kiev authorities committed another gross violation of the Geneva agreements and the OSCE roadmap by delivering an air strike in Lugansk, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

“On June 2, the Kiev authorities committed another crime against their own people. The Ukrainian army delivered at an air strike at the building of the regional administration in which peaceful Ukrainian civilians died,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“The incident signals that the Kiev authorities are openly unwilling to search for ways of inter-ethnic peace in the country. Kiev has committed another gross violation of agreements which were fixed in the Geneva statement on April 17 and were later developed in the roadmap of the

Swiss chair of the OSCE,” the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement stressed.

The Ministry paid attention to the fact that the escalation of military actions by the Ukrainian army and ultra-nationalists coincided with a visit to Kiev of U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Derek Chollet.

Once again, Russia urged its Western partners to influence their Western partners to prevent Ukraine from sliding to a national disaster.