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Ukraine’s army units, Right Sector radicals do not allow Russian envoy reach Slavyansk

MOSCOW, May 02. /ITAR-TASS/. Russian president’s envoy Vladimir Lukin cannot reach the town of Slavyansk in Ukraine’s southeastern Donetsk region because the Ukrainian army units and Right Sector radicals, who blocked access roads to the town, do not allow him to come to the town, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

According to the ministry, Lukin is currently in Donetsk and is ready to promptly leave for Slavyansk to have talks on the release of captured military observers from a number of European countries. “A preliminary agreement has been reach with the heads of Slavyansk that European officers will be able to leave the town accompanied by Lukin, but his team should not include other foreign representatives,” the ministry said.

“But Ukrainian army units and Right Sector radicals, who have blocked all access roads to Slavyansk, are not giving their consent to Lukin’s entry to the town.