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Medvedev: security threat at Sochi Olympics are no greater than at any other Olympics

“We are confident that we'll be able to protect all the athletes that will arrive and we will hold the Winter Games", he said

MOSCOW, January 23, 1:34 /ITAR-TASS/. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he did not think security threats during the upcoming Olympic Games in Russia’s Sochi were greater than at any other such games.

“I believe that the threats during the Sochi Games are no greater than at any Olympics in other places,” he said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday. “We are - speak frankly: it's a global world, globalized world and we know about other deplorable developments in other countries, including the United States during sports events. So to speak that all the threats are accumulating in Sochi would not be right.” He reassured that there were no particular threats to US athletes who would come to Sochi. “We are confident that we'll be able to protect all the athletes that will arrive and we will hold the Winter Games,” he stressed.

The Russian prime minister noted that security threats existed not only in the context of such a big-scale event as the Olympic Games and Russian security forces were having very tough struggle against terrorism. “And all those threats occur not only in the context of the Olympics,” he said. “And we keep fighting them every day. Sometimes we have good results but sometimes we don't have results we expected. But anyway the struggle will be continued regardless of the Olympic Games.” 

Medvedev noted that various kinds of threats existed at any public events, and “not only in this country.” “In this country, they have some specific nature and consequences,” he admitted. “Definitely we are aware of that and we will take that into account during the Olympics. I’m referring to the mobilization buildup of police forces. A huge number of policemen will watch the process of the games. And some other forces will be involved, and we will control and will recite the facilities and venues.”

He said that during the Olympics Russian security services would work in cooperation with their partners, including from the United States, to prevent any possible threats. “But on the whole, I am sure it's going to be OK and the level of the games will be excellent,” he reassured. “We invite everybody to watch the games. And those who have bought tickets are welcome to come to this country and see it with their own eyes.