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Pan-Entertainment platform OLIVE introduces first decentralized live broadcast services

SINGAPORE, March 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The live broadcasting industry, which is at the forefront of rapid development, has seen tremendous development with a new and powerful platform has been developed. The forward-looking Pan-Asia live broadcasting platform OLIVE has become the world's first player in the industry to link blockchain into live broadcast services. The company has also announced the introduction of its cryptocurrency OLE which will land on the trading platform and promote digital currency integration with Pan entertainment soon.

The live broadcasting platform covers comprehensive entertainment functions such as music, talk shows, games, and social networking. It targets consumer demand and has also proven to be one of the fastest growing sectors amongst all Internet services. Therefore, when a large amount of user recharge, the platform needs to utilize a more advanced and flexible capital operation methods to create more value for the anchors and users. OLIVE is the leader in the live broadcast platform that takes the advanced lead in decentralization.

OLIVE Pan entertainment broadcast platform is headquartered in Singapore and radiates throughout Asia-Pacific countries, connecting with more than 1,000 highly popular international anchors, and users from all over the world. The management team has been actively engaged in the live broadcast industry throughout the past five years. Coupled with professional and efficient refinement operations, the team has rapidly expanded OLIVE into a live broadcast platform in the Asian market. OLIVE uses blockchain technology to build the world's first truly decentralized live broadcast platform based on the aelf network. OLIVE's digital currency, OLE, has also been officially launched.

The digital currency OLE will boosts the revenue of the anchors, which will see a significant increase in the commission from 50% to 90%. It is also a great incentive for users of the platform to obtain tokens by watching the live broadcast, breaking the pure consumption behavior of traditional live broadcasts, and truly realizing the benefits of entertainment.

OLIVE Digital Currency OLE will start its public offerings soon. Details will be released through the official websites and media channels:

Olive official website:

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