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Air China Hosts the Market Opening Ceremony at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of its Listing in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Air China Limited ("Air China" or "the Company," together with its subsidiaries, collectively "the Group") (HKEX: 753; LSE: AIRC; SSE: 601111: ADR OTC: AIRYY), has today hosted the market opening ceremony at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its listing in Hong Kong.

Mr. Fan Cheng, vice president and executive director of Air China, said at the ceremony, "15 December 2004 has marked our arrival in the Hong Kong capital market. This also represents a major milestone in our development history and a special day worthy of inclusion into our development commemorative album".

As an international financial centre in China, Hong Kong connects China and global markets together and plays a key role in the development of the Chinese economy. The selection of Hong Kong as one of the major listing locations has substantially boosted Air China's presence and reputation in Hong Kong and global capital markets. Through this important platform, Air China has strictly fulfilled the information disclosure requirement, continually strengthened communication with investors, improved corporate governance and enhanced transparency of the company. These efforts have gained the confidence and recognition from institutional and individual investors, and positively affected our business development.

Air China has adhered to its positioning of providing professional and reliable services meeting international standards and embracing Chinese characteristics since its listing. With tremendous support of its mass customers, shareholders, employees and across society, Air China's operating scale has expanded and its overall capability has been notably strengthened, which has led to a new development horizon. Over the past decade, the fleet of Air China has increased from 151 aircraft to 523 aircraft. Its annual turnover rose from RMB33.5 billion to RMB98.2 billion last year. Its route network covers all major cities within China and around the world. As a major member of the Star Alliance and the only Chinese civil aviation enterprise listed among "The World's 500 Most Influential Brands," Air China has grown into one of the world's top airlines.
Mr. Fan concluded, "There is no doubt that the listing in Hong Kong ten years ago has given a strong boost to our strategic development. We wish to extend special thanks to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and our old and new friends in the capital markets here, as your support have given us the reliance and power that have enabled our development needs and transformed Air China into a leading global airline, enabling us to create premium value for our customers, investors and society".

Guests attending the ceremony also included other members of Air China's management team, representatives from Cathay Pacific, business partners and institutional investors that have followed the Group's development for a long time. After the celebration, the Group's management has also arranged for a capital market exchange forum and conducted important exchanges of ideas with representatives from major investment institutions.

Below are the photos of the management team of Air China and representatives from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and Hong Kong capital markets at the 10th listing anniversary and market opening ceremony.






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