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Launched last year in Russia: the GN8 - luxury business or family travel

GUANGZHOU, China, May 14. /PRNewswire/ One of the star performers of GAC MOTOR's product family, the large multi-purpose GN8 has been making waves across the world. Launched last year in Russia, and having enjoyed continued success in other global markets. Below is what makes the GN8 so popular.

The most striking aspect of the GN8's appearance is its size. With its large front grill and long body, this 7-seater has an assertive and majestic presence, being designed with both luxury business transport and luxury family travel in mind.

It channels the aesthetics of a private yacht: wide yet streamlined, sleek yet powerful. The entire cabin is designed according to a "business class" ethos, with soft stitched leather and polished wood furnishings, plenty of legroom and panoramic windows. Consumer-researched design features, like memory seat adjustment buttons, multi-functional armrests and wireless smartphone charging all create an overall atmosphere of high-tech, passenger-centric luxury.

In response to the needs of busy drivers, the GN8 also has an impressive amount of storage space. Fully automatic sliding doors, an easy-open trunk and folding back seats make this vehicle just as suitable for family road trips as it is for chauffeuring a group of business associates to a meeting.

What really sets the GN8 apart is the intelligent yet simple to use technology woven carefully into the details. Electric power steering, an all-wheel independent suspension system and reinforced steel body ensure a smooth ride from a hardware perspective. It also includes smart driving features suited to extreme conditions, such as slip control, hill decent control and hill start control, ensuring strong brake efficacy even in challenging temperatures as low as -40°C.

On top of this power functionality, GN8 heavily reflects GAC MOTOR's commitment to a greener, more fuel-efficient future. The second generation 320T engine and third generation 6-speed automatic gearbox also make the GN8 both a powerful and fuel-efficient model. Top grade engine technology and an intelligent fuel-saving start-stop work to adjust generating voltage in real time, recovering deceleration energy and delivering a distance capacity of more than 750km on a full tank.

GAC MOTOR is extremely proud to call the GN8 a flagship model. High-tech, beautiful, powerful and reliable even in extreme conditions, the GN8 is ready to explore the vast landscape of Russia.