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Presentation of Roscongress Foundation’s social platform held at Russian Civic Chamber

Among the events held at the recent Community Forum, organized by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, was a presentation of the Roscongress Foundation’s social platform. Attendees learned about the platform’s key initiatives and opportunities to respond to important social issues in the country.

The social platform is a strategic initiative set up by the Roscongress Foundation in 2017 that seeks to promote important social projects and facilitate dialogue between relevant organizations and bodies, including government, business, society, the non-commercial sector, and the media.

The presentation formed part of the section entitled “Social Partnership in the Charity Sector: New Solutions and Prospects”. This branch of the forum examined the current state of development of social partnership as systems of relations between the government, NGOs, and business. Among those taking part in the discussion were member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vladimir Krugly, and head of the Tver branch of the Cyberwatch interregional movement Grigory Pashchenko. The event was moderated by Chair of the Civic Chamber’s Committee on Charity, Social Responsibility, and Civic Education Alexander Tkachenko; Director of Development at the St Petersburg Children’s Hospice Anna Kudrya; and journalist Alexander Gordon.

During the session, forum speakers and guests learned about the social platform’s key initiatives and its results over the past year. They also discussed the importance of NGOs working with other bodies and organizations in the social sector in order to respond to pressing social issues, predominantly in the regions.

“Success in achieving social development objectives across the country greatly depends on the outcomes of dialogue and collaboration between government, business, and social NGOs. The Roscongress Foundation’s social platform is tasked with facilitating dialogue between all stakeholders in order to support and promote important social and charity initiatives. Thanks to our joint efforts, I am confident that we will be able to reach our goals, drive social growth, and draw up effective solutions, both at forums organized by the Roscongress Foundation, and beyond,” said Elena Marinina, Director of Social Programmes at the Roscongress Foundation.

Each year, over 5,000 social activists from across Russia gather at the Community Forum. The event is the culmination of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation’s annual forum programme, which sees similar events take place in most federal districts. The forum’s agenda covers key aspects affecting civil society. Members of the Civic Chamber, heads of NGOs, and experts working in the third sector share their experience, discuss trends in the development of cross-sector cooperation, and give proposals on how community workers can help in achieving the targets set by the President of Russia in his address to the Federal Assembly and his decree issued last May. The forum is attended by social activists, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, members of the media, business representatives, and national and local government figures.

The social platform is a strategic initiative by the Roscongress Foundation aimed at establishing and supporting ongoing dialogue between business, government, and civil society. We institute feedback mechanisms at forums, promote the social agenda on an ongoing basis, and foster the development of a healthy social environment and philanthropy in Russia.

Mission: to promote consolidation, build dialogue and cooperation between social ecosystem participants, promote socially significant projects, and develop a culture of social inclusion in Russia.

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