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AlfaStrakhovanie to run workshop on using neural networks in insurance at FINOPOLIS 2018

The Youth Day programme at the FINOPOLIS financial forum will include a workshop run by Denis Tsybin, Chief Specialist for Insurance Systems Management and Development at AlfaStrakhovanie, which will focus on the use of neural networks in insurance.

The speaker will provide a detailed overview of machine learning, including its main functions and application in building solutions for insurance companies. He will also dissect the classification of neural networks, which differ in how neurons are connected in terms of the organization or topology by which they interact.

“Neural networks enable us to analyse a large amount of indirect or noisy data. When used correctly, they can improve the quality of solutions employed in an underwriter’s day-to-day business processes. They can also increase the speed at which analytics are collected to take management decisions, and at which various financial issues are settled,” said Vladimir Muravyev, Chief Information Officer at AlfaStrakhovanie.

“Those attending the workshop will have the opportunity to participate in building a neural network based on a special data set, and experts will be on hand to provide feedback on each case study,” said Maxim Solovyev, representative of the Business Process Quality Department at AlfaStrakhovanie.

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