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Russian top brass slams WHO’s statement about people exposed to chemical weapons in Syria

Russian doctors and military chemists had recorded neither cases of exposure to chemical weapons in Douma nor the presence of toxic agents such as sarin and chlorine

MOSCOW, April 11. /TASS/. The rumors about 500 people allegedly harmed by toxic chemicals in Syria’s Douma have nothing to do with the reality, the first deputy chief of the General Staff’s main operations directorate, Lieutenant-General Viktor Poznikhir, told the media on Wednesday.

He said Russian military officials over the past several hours had contacted Syrian Red Crescent officials and staff of the local office of the UN coordinator in Syria, who are participating in the humanitarian operation in Eastern Ghouta on site with the aim to identify the location of those reportedly affected.

"None of them has any confirmation of what the World Health Organization official said," Poznikhir stated.

He invited WHO officials to visit Douma to look into the situation on site personally.

"If WHO officials really want to look into this affair, we are inviting them to Eastern Ghouta. We will be prepared to guarantee security and provide all conditions for their work," he said.