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Western diplomats do not come to ceremony in memory of Yugoslavia bombing - Russian envoy

No one wants any investigation," the ambassador stressed

BELGARDE, March 25. /TASS/. None of Western diplomats attended the mourning ceremony dedicated to the memory of the victims of NATO’s aggression against Yugoslavia, Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Chepurin told Russian reporters.

"I am taking part in a ceremony in memory of those killed in NATO’s aggression for the fifth time in a row. None of the Western diplomats bothered to attend this ceremony today again, that is, they show no repentance. What’s more, they believe that they did everything right. It turns out that the Serbs are not humans for them. Moreover, they continue to teach us what humaneness is," Chepurin said.

When asked by a TASS correspondent whether the recent accusations in the Serbian media over Skripal’s case against Russia are related to an anniversary of NATO’s bombing, the diplomat recalled that these accusations had appeared at the right time. "Firstly, they are totally unsubstantiated. Secondly, the time for them was chosen in such a way so as to divert people’s attention from an anniversary of the beginning of the bombing raids. No one wants any investigation," the ambassador stressed.

British Ambassador to Serbia Denis Keefe earlier noted in his article in Serbia’s Politika daily that all elements of the investigation unequivocally pointed to Russia as the culprit. In response, the Russian ambassador to Serbia advised his British counterpart to study Sherlock Holmes’ legacy. According to the Russian diplomat, the UK, which has never conquered outer space, is trying to make up for that with "space-scale lies about Moscow’s role in the Salisbury tragedy."

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic earlier thanked the foreign diplomats who attended the ceremony. At the same time, US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott refused to answer any questions from Serbian journalists about Washington’s participation in bombing Yugoslavia.