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US’ commitment to global dominance leads to transnational struggle - Gerasimov

As a result a transnational struggle has sharply accelerated, Chief of Russia’s General Staff and First Deputy Defense Minister added

MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. The US’ strategy to pursue global dominance results in an overwhelming transnational struggle, Chief of Russia’s General Staff and First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov said.

"Today the US’ commitment to maintaining global dominance and a monocentric world order through every possible means, including military, is critical for the development of military and political environment in the world. This conflicts with the views of many countries, including Russia, which considers global leadership inappropriate and advocates a just world order," he said.

"As a result a transnational struggle has sharply accelerated. It is still based on non-military measures - political, economic and information. Moreover, apart from mentioned areas it has gradually spread over all activities of the modern society - diplomatic, scientific, cultural, and has virtually swept across the board," Gerasimov added.

According to Russia’s First Deputy Defense Minister, it is not as if military struggle has taken a back seat. "The reality shows that economic, political, diplomatic and other non-military measures taken by the west against dissenting countries go together with the threat of military force employment or its direct employment," he explained.

"The US and its allies often employ military force in circumvention of generally accepted norms of international law or on the base of distorted renderings of those norms for its own benefit, under the slogan of protecting democracy," Gerasimov said.