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Government working to solve problem of landfill in Moscow Region — Kremlin

Various options are being discussed to solve this significant problem, the Kremlin spokesman said

MOSCOW, March 22. /TASS/. The Russian government and regional officials are working to find a solution to the problem that emerged in Volokolamsk, a city in the Moscow Region, because of the Yadrovo landfill site, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

"The [presidential] staff has been in touch with the leaders of the respective regions, that is, Moscow and the Moscow Region, and the government. Various options are being discussed to solve this significant problem. Naturally, the president is briefed on the issue," Peskov said. "The government is keeping a close eye on the issue. Moreover, work is in progress to address it. That’s all I can say so far."

The Kremlin spokesman refrained from commenting on the steps that are being taken by officials in the Moscow Region to address the issue. "The situation is rather complex indeed. However, this is such a major challenge and such a comprehensive problem that it cannot be solved overnight," he stressed. "I can confirm, however, that work is in progress, that [regional] officials have been in touch with both the presidential staff and the government."

On March 21, more than 60 children from different schools in Volokolamsk sought medical advice due to not feeling well. Local residents linked their health condition to gas emissions from the local Yadrovo landfill site, which, according to the municipal government, occurred in the small hours of March 21. Doctors would not confirm that.

According to the Moscow Region’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the old part of the Yadrovo site will be closed in April 2018, it will have to be re-cultivated. The landfill site’s new segment will open on March 24 and will function at least until 2030.