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Russian expert elaborates on Normandy Four format and US envoy's mission in Ukraine

The Normandy format member-states have not yet discussed the UN mission issue in detail

MOSCOW, December 4. /TASS/. The format of the UN mission to the Donbass region has not been discussed in detail by the Normandy Four members (Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany) yet, Alexey Chesnakov, Director of the Russian Center for Current Politics, told TASS.

"Kurt Volker [US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations - TASS] conducts these negotiations on his own. The Normandy format member-countries have not yet discussed the issue in detail," Chesnakov said when asked whether other "Normandy Four" members were involved in the talks.

"Of course, Volker has been in touch with representatives from the Normandy Four countries. At this stage, our European counterparts have brought him to the fore, since the task of coordinating positions is thankless and difficult. They are keeping an eye on what will pan out," the expert said.

He noted that the US envoy has a truly complex mission. "In that sense, Volker is in the same position as [Mikheil] Saakashvili in Kiev who was brought to the fore by all opponents of [Ukrainian President Pyotr] Poroshenko, while they themselves are ‘sitting in a bunker’ and waiting for him to do his dirty work," the expert pointed out.

"If Volker succeeds, France and Germany will join his success. If Volker fails to cope with his task, they will get more actively involved in the process at the next stage," the expert concluded.