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Diplomat calls Ukraine’s law on education 'revelation' for European countries

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Ukraine's actions are aimed at "rewriting history"

MOSCOW, October 16. /TASS/. Ukraine’s law on education became a sudden revelation for the EU countries that contributed to Ukraine’s integration within Europe, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in an interview with the Ren TV television channel.

"The law has aroused indignation not just in Russia. We got used to these perversions by the Kiev regime and Kiev politicians: we are not resigned [to it], but know what to expect. It became a revelation for a number of countries, because countries that are part of the EU now which observed and contributed to the European integration processes believed they could expect greater indulgence from the Kiev regime regarding ethnical [groups,] such as Hungarians, for example," she said.

"However, this did not happen, because people who built their political power on the nationalism position or platform cannot stop and abandon their role, their image and start observing all international legal acts and documents that they endorsed earlier," Zakharova added.

According to the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Ukrainian authorities’ actions are aimed at "rewriting history."

"There is an attempt to just remove the Russian language from Ukraine’s history, as if it were something that never existed on this territory and were imposed almost in the Soviet era," Zakharova noted.

Earlier, disagreements sparked between Ukraine and some neighboring countries due to Verkhovna Rada’s adoption of the law "On education" the norm of which for study of minority languages in Ukraine outraged several countries, including Romania and Hungary. The document, in particular, determines that educational process may be based only on the state language, and minority languages, including Russian, will be used only until the fifth grade, but this norm will be abolished in 2020, and education in Ukraine will use only the Ukrainian language.