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Russia, China urge for adoption of international convention against chemical terrorism

MOSCOW, July 4. /TASS/. Russia and China call for adopting an international convention against acts of chemical terrorism, according to a joint statement signed on Tuesday after talks between Russian and Chinese Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

"The sides express concern over growing threats of terrorist groups getting hold of weapons of mass destruction and possible use of chemical and biological agents for terrorism purposes and stand for the elaboration of an international convention for the suppression of acts of chemical and biological terrorism," the document says.

The sides "stand against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and delivery systems and think that the non-proliferation regime determines international strategic stability and security," the statement says. "The sides reiterate their readiness to pool efforts to advocate the authority and efficiency of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as the basis for international efforts in the sphere of nuclear disarmament and a cornerstone of the nuclear non-proliferation regime."

"The sides stress that the Geneva Conference on Disarmament enjoys a special status of the only multilateral negotiating mechanism on issues of disarmament and express their support to the efforts of all countries contributing to the Conference," according to the document.