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Putin warns against attempts of destabilizing international relations

Vladimir Putin says Moscow calls against attempts of derailing international relations

MOSCOW, March 16. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he believed that the international situation needed to be improved.

"The international situation, indeed, needs improvement," Putin said at a ceremony of accepting credentials from foreign ambassadors. "Restraint, wisdom and responsibility are needed," Putin said.

Russia stands for uniting the efforts of countries in solving topical issues, Putin said.

"I hope that while representing your states in the Russian Federation, you, respected ladies and gentlemen, will also be maximally contributing to the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the spirit of partnership, equality and mutual understanding," the Russian president said.

"Russia is against the attempts of destabilizing and shattering international relations," Putin said, warning that this may lead to further tensions in the world that are "chaotic and less under control."

The president stressed that Russia calls for joint steps aimed at ensuring democratic and fair world order based on strict compliance with the international law, the United Nations Charter and also acknowledging "absolute value of cultural and civilizational diversity and national sovereignty of states."

"The right of all states is to define their future themselves freely and without pressure from outside," the Russian leader stressed.

Interests of other countries

Russia respects interests of other countries, Putin went on. 

"Each country has its national interests, its history and its own vision of modern world order," Putin said. "I stress, Russia has always respected this. By promoting our foreign policy priorities and approaches, we always try to hear and listen to partners taking into consideration their opinions and views, and to patiently try to search for compromise solutions."

The Russian leader noted that there are no big or small partners for Russia. "Any country is valued, we are ready to establish a full-fledged dialogue with each of them and boost cooperation on a constructive and mutually respecting basis," he stressed.

This also refers to cooperation in strengthening security and stability in the world and solving challenging global issues, he said. "Equally, in resolving regional conflicts, countering dangerous threats, and the most important of them is international terrorism, of course," Putin added.