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Ambassador says Trump's administration not going to affect Russia-China relations

"They are something constant for both China and us", the diplomat has noted

BEIJING, February 8. /TASS/. The arrival of the Trump administration will not impact relations between Russia and China, Russian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to China, Andrei Denisov, told Russian reporters on Wednesday.

"There is much talk about now about the outcomes of the election in the US and the arrival of the new Republican administration. The transition period is still underway from campaign slogans to practical politics, the implementation of all kinds of promises generously made by the Republican candidate at this stage of preparations for the election," the diplomat noted.

"Both our Chinese partners and we take this into account in our policy one way or another," he went on to say.

"However, let me say once again that relations between Russia and China in this case are unlikely to be affected. They are something constant for both China and us."

"I do not see any indication that something may change here. Besides, it would be strange for Russia, if our country with its role in global affairs was seen as a certain variable factor that can be shifted in one direction or another," the ambassador emphasized.

The powerful triangle 

The trilateral cooperation between Russia, China and the US would help stabilize the situation around the world and make positive contribution to tackling some key international issues, Russia’s ambassador  said. 

"It is clear that combining the capabilities of the US, China and Russia in various areas would bring obvious benefits for the overall improvement of the international situation. However, the experience has shown that China and we had to accomplish this mission," he noted.

"The Russian-Chinese relations have become a major factor in stabilizing international relations amid their growing turbulence due to the fault of our Western partners, let’s put it bluntly, including, first and foremost, the previous US administration."

Denisov added that trilateral cooperation between Moscow, Beijing and Washington would benefit the entire world. "It is clear that there are problems where appropriate efforts could bring positive results, for example, the Korean Peninsula’s nuclear issue, the settlement in Syria where our Chinese partners have recently raised their profile and are taking actions in very constructive way," the ambassador noted.

"It is necessary to abandon the confrontational approach typical of the previous US administration with regard to our country," he said. "Even if certain disagreements and different approaches towards certain global processes persist, it is necessary to seek cooperation rather than confrontation. I believe that’s quite feasible."

According to the ambassador, if Russia, China and the US begin to join forces to counter such obvious threats as terrorism, that would make it possible for the international community to make progress in eradicating these problems at an early date. "It is also obvious that such countries as the US, China and Russia could assume a collective leadership role in this process. I believe they are destined to play this role, because otherwise it will be impossible to tackle the international terrorism issue," the diplomat stressed.

"That does not mean that cooperation should be confined to this triangle. Each of these countries has its own allies, partners and associates, with respect to which we act as some active force," the ambassador added.