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Diplomat says Moscow has no illusions about Trump's team

Zakharova said she doesn not expect that "friendship, brotherhood and justice would prevail once the new team was formed"

MOSCOW, December 8. /TASS/.  Moscow has no illusions about US President-Elect Donald Trump’s team, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

"Seriously speaking, we don’t expect friendship, brotherhood and justice to prevail once the new team is formed. We have no illusions," Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page.

"An individual should distinguish a biased anti-Russian campaign from standing up for your national interests. Such campaigns may inflict damage, though not as much on Russia, as it would on the rest of the world since the world needs balance. Meanwhile, protecting one’s national interests is a normal working process, though it may have various drawbacks," Zakharova added.

Earlier in the day the Russian Foreign Ministry said "there were no plans to hold any meetings with former adviser to US President-elect Donald Trump, Carter Page. 

"I have no comments to make on the issue [Page’s visit to Russia - TASS]. "As of this morning, the Russian Foreign Ministry has no plans to hold any meetings [with him],"  Sergey Ryabkov said.