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Kremlin aide says US has never seen such tough electoral battle before

There is no particular date yet for the first meeting between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and US President-elect Donald Trump

MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. Such "tough and cynical" electoral battle has never been seen before in the US, Russian Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov said.

"(During the Primakov readings international conference the participants are sure) to discuss the US events after the unprecedented tough electoral campaign is over," he said at the opening ceremony of the readings.

Ushakov said that the participants might also discuss the Russian-US relations and the role of the US President-Elect Donald Trump’s team. "You will undoubtedly discuss the numerous signals received every day as Donald Trump continues to form his team," the Kremlin aide added.

Ushakov highlighted the importance of cooperation between state bodies and experts in order to determine the country’s approach to global issues in a time when Russia’s dialogue with some countries has been almost completely wrapped up. "I wish you success in the search for recommendations that will help boost meaningful and equal cooperation in combating real threats and challenges," the presidential aide concluded.

Russia ready for dialogue 

The Kremlin aide went on to say that Russia is waiting for appointments in the new US administration and is prepared for intensive dialogue with it.

"I have to admit that so far there are no extensive contacts," he said. "We are waiting for the new team to take over when it will be clear who we will have to work with."

According to Ushakov, at the moment "it is clear who will be the national security advisor, but many other figures remain unknown." "Discussion of different candidates is underway."

"We will wait quietly for the new team to take over. We are interested in launching an intensive dialogue with it," he added.

Putin-Trump meeting

There is no particular date yet for the first meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, Ushakov said. 

"Of course, a meeting between the two leaders is possible, but when it will take place is still unknown," he said.

Ushakov recalled that Putin and Trump discussed the possibility of the meeting during their telephone conversation, but no specific dates were given.

The Primakov Readings international conference in memory of the outstanding Russian diplomat Yevgeni Primakov (1929 - 2015) has opened on Monday at the World Trade Center in Moscow. Representatives of state bodies, leading Russian and foreign economists, political scientists and diplomats as well as prominent public figures from 22 countries are participating in the conference that will run until November 30.