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Moscow calls on Yemen’s warring parties to achieve national reconciliation

MOSCOW, October 21 /TASS/. The most important thing in the Yemeni conflict is not to seek the suppression of one force by the other but to lead the country to national accord and national reconciliation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.

He remembered discussing the Yemeni conflict along with the Syrian problem during his recent conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry. "John Kerry is one of the authors of the Yemeni truce initiative along with Saudi Arabia and other members of the Saudi-led coalition," Lavrov explained.

"During our conversation he (Kerry) urged us to back this initiative and we supported it. But the question why the initiative failed to work and why the truce was violated - both by the initiative’s authors and co-authors in my view - should better be addressed to US partners and regional partners who negotiated with the sides in the Yemeni conflict," the Russian foreign minister added.

"We have been in touch with all the participants in the Yemeni conflict. We are inducing them to settle the conflict by universally acceptable peaceful means," Lavrov went on to say. "For that, like in any other conflict, it is necessary to set out a political perspective. The most important thing is not to urge one force to suppress the other but to lead the process to national accord and national reconciliation," the Russian foreign minister said. "Regrettably, the approach, which we tried to apply, cannot prevail in Yemen," the Russian foreign minister noted.