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Russian diplomat: Washington’s actions have resulted in regrouping of militants in Syria

Washington has failed to fulfill key agreements on Syria and is now trying to blame someone for this failure, Maria Zakharova says

MOSCOW, October 3./TASS/. The US is trying to shift on Russia the blame for their non-compliance with agreements on Syria, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Channel One television on Monday.

"It appears that Washington has simply failed to comply with the key condition in the agreement to ease the humanitarian situation for Aleppo residents," Zakharova said. "And now, evidently failing to comply with these agreements that they themselves worked through, they are trying to make somebody else responsible," she added. 

Following the Syria ceasefire deal with the United States of September 9, Russia has been suggesting a 72-hour humanitarian pause be established around Castello Road near Syria’s Aleppo, Zakharova reiterated: 

"Over this entire period, the Russian side has been suggesting a 72-hour pause be imposed to implement the agreement on Castello Road,"

Washington’s actions have resulted in regrouping of Syrian gunmen, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said:

"Washington’s inaction has resulted in militants regrouping over that period, getting weapons and mobilizing their resources."

"Generally speaking, all boiled down to a simple question - what is Jabhat al-Nusra [terrorist group banned in Russia], who stands behind it and why can’t Washington fulfill what has been promised, namely dissociate terrorists and the so-called moderate opposition," she said.

Moscow regrets Washington’s decision to wrap up the work of expert groups on Syria: 

"We regret Washington’s decision to fold the work of groups of specialists in Geneva, call back experts and confine contacts only to the sphere of preventing conflicts," she said in an interview with the Vremya news program on Russia’s TV Channel One.