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Moscow hopes for unbiased investigation into Russian journalist’s death in Ukraine

Premeditated murder and a suicide are currently the main versions

MOSCOW, August 31. /TASS/. Moscow hopes for objectivity and transparency of the investigation into the causes of death in Ukraine of Russian journalist Alexander Shchetinin, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a briefing on Wednesday.

"This case is yet to be examined," the diplomat said. "We hope for objectivity and transparency of the investigation." "Unfortunately, this is not the first case of death of Russian journalists in Ukraine. The situation in the sphere of the press and media freedom has long caused deep concern."

Zakharova said that the situation in this sphere "is aggravated by the connivance and inaction of international organizations," in particular, OSCE. "They should have reacted stronger," the diplomat said. She also said that at present OSCE "is already giving such assessment."

However, Zakharova said, previously, "OSCE did not react at all" to such tragic cases. "We were waiting for the reaction and raised the issue before the organization," the diplomat said. "It is gratifying that now we can hear its voice and the organization started to rather quickly respond to tragic events with media" representatives in Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that "the number of such tragic incidents is increasing." "Possibly, had the OSCE reacted 2-2.5 years ago in an adequate, prompt and harsh way to such cases - forcible takeovers, threats, killings of Russian journalists - perhaps today it would not have to react to similar new cases," Zakharova said. "The opportunity to change the situation radically was lost then." "We express condolences to the family and colleagues of Alexander Shchetinin," the diplomat added.

Alexander Shchetinin is a Russian journalist, founder of the Novy Region (New Region) news agency. He lived in Kiev since 2004. He was found dead in an apartment in the Podolsk district of Kiev on the night to August 28. Criminal proceedings were instituted over this fact under article "premeditated murder" of the Ukrainian Criminal Code. Investigators are also considering a suicide version.