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Russian Foreign Ministry calls to join international anti-terror efforts

The Russian Foreign Ministry comments on a terrorist attack on the Jordanian-Syrian border

MOSCOW, June 22. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Ministry is calling once again for the consolidation of international efforts in resistance to terrorist challenges coming from such extremist groups as the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda (both outlawed in Russia), as follows from the ministry’s commentary issued over the terrorist attack in Jordan.

As the Foreign Ministry recalls, there was a terrorist attack on the Jordanian-Syrian border near Rakban on Wednesday.

"According to the latest reports, a car bomb exploded at the border checkpoint near a Syrian refugee camp. The incident occurred early in the morning. The car was moving at a high speed," the Russian Foreign Ministry said. "Six Jordanian border-guards were killed and 14 others injured. The bloody attack occurred just two weeks after the previous attack against a law enforcement facility in Amman, for which the terrorist group Islamic State claimed responsibility."

"We strongly condemn the latest terrorist attack on Jordanian soil," the Foreign Ministry said. "We are expressing condolences to the relatives and dear ones of those killed and wish recovery to survivors."

"We reaffirm our invariable support for the leadership and people of friendly Jordan in resisting the terrorist threat," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"At the same time we stress the urgent need for the consolidation of broad international efforts in resisting terrorist challenges coming from the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and related extremist groups, wherever they may operate," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.