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Russian Interior Ministry takes measures to expose terrorists

The ministry’s personnel is prepared to provide a response to any terrorist threat, its head Vladimir Kolokoltsev promises

MOSCOW, November 17. /TASS/. The Russian Interior Ministry has been taking a package of measures to expose terrorists, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev told the media.

"In close cooperation and coordination with the federal security service we have been taking a package of detective and policing measures with the aim to identify individuals involved in terrorist activities and to neutralize them," Kolokoltsev said.

He promised that the Interior Ministry’s personnel was prepared to provide a response to any terrorist threat.

"We are permanently ready to various negative developments. We do have an experience of reaction to this kind of threats," Kolokoltsev said.

The Interior Ministry has been taking measures to enhance the security of Russians and the anti-terrorist protection of facilities as well as crowded places.

"We have sufficient experience of response to such challenges and threats. There are reasons to believe that our joint efforts with the special services will bear fruit," Kolokoltsev said, adding that such work was proceeding in the online mode. National Antiterrorist Committee officials regularly reviewed its results.

On Monday evening the head of the federal security service FSB Aleksandr Bortnikov told a conference at the office of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the crash of the A321 passenger jet of the Kogalymavia airlines over the Sinai Peninsula was due to a terrorist attack. A bomb with a yield of one kilogram of the TNT went off on board. Putin promised that all culprits and accomplices in the crime that claimed 224 lives would be tracked down and punished. He ordered stepping up Russian air raids against Syria "in order to let the criminals realize that retribution is unavoidable.".