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CSTO to improve rapid reaction system soon — Secretary-General

Stanislav Zas said that a number of amendments had already been made

YEREVAN, November 23. /TASS/. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) will be through with paperwork for improving the rapid response mechanism in the near future, CSTO Secretary-General Stanislav Zas said at a joint meeting of the CSTO foreign and defense ministers and security councils’ secretaries on Wednesday.

"We analyzed our first practical experience. In May, at the defense ministers’ meeting I reported our proposals for improving the CSTO crisis response system, including in the legal field," he said. "We received the latest comments and proposals on October 31, so we did not have enough time to complete the last stage, to summarize the whole thing and to submit a finalized document, taking into account the opinions of all countries, but we plan to do this in the near future."

Zas said that a number of amendments had already been made.

"We reviewed the composition of the operative groups and the activity of the Crisis Response Center. It was decided to conduct training sessions for the Joint Staff’s secretariate ahead of all exercises in addition to the drills themselves and to deploy a media relations center," Zas said.