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Americans store 200 nuclear tactical weapon loads in Europe - Putin

No need yet for symmetric response to NATO training flights, Russian President said

ST. PETERSBURG, June 25. /TASS/. The US has 200 nuclear tactical weapon loads in Europe with 257 aircraft prepared for their use, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during talks with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday.

"Yes, indeed, in Europe the Americans have 200 nuclear tactical weapon loads, mainly these are nuclear bombs, in six European countries - the members of the North Atlantic NATO bloc. For their possible use, 257 planes have been prepared, not only American ones but also belonging to those countries I mentioned," Putin said.

 There is no need so far for a symmetric response to the training flights of NATO planes with nuclear loads near the Belarusian border, Putin said.

"You said that it is possible to react symmetrically. Possible but you and have no need even for a symmetric response to this," the Russian leader said in response to Lukashenko’s comment. "Yet I agree with you completely that, undoubtedly, we are obligated to take care of ensuring our security, the security of the Union State and of other CSTO countries," Putin said.