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Bucha-related charges not trustworthy, there are signs of fakes — Kremlin spokesman

It was stressed that Moscow "categorically denies any charges" in connection with the situation

MOSCOW, April 4. /TASS/. Charges about killings of civilians in the Ukrainian community of Bucha must be called in question, because there are signs of video fakes and other forgeries, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media.

"This information must be questioned seriously," the Kremlin official said.

He stressed that the related content is "not trustworthy," because Russian Defense Ministry specialists exposed "signs of video fakes and other forgeries."

"The facts and the calendar sequence of events do not testify in favor of these allegations, either," Peskov added.

He stressed that Moscow "categorically denies any charges" in connection with the situation. "Moreover, we believe that this issue must be discussed at the highest possible level," the Kremlin official said.

For this reason, he went on to say, Russia came out with an initiative of a discussion in the UN Security Council.

"We know that this initiative was blocked. Our diplomats will go ahead with intensive efforts with the aim of putting this issue on the Security Council’s agenda somehow. The question is too serious," Peskov said.

He refrained from speculations as to how, in the Kremlin’s opinion, the investigation must be conducted and who should participate in it.

"I cannot answer this question now, but at least the very initiative of taking this issue before the Security Council indicates that Russia wants and in fact demands a discussion at an international level," he stressed.

Asked if the Kremlin regarded as fakes the photos and videos from Bucha, published by international news agencies, Peskov said: "I have no idea of what video you are referring to."

"I am not familiar with this report," he said in reply to a remark from a BBC journalist he was referring to his own report. "We have in mind the video content that in fact served as a basis for the charges that began to be voiced.".