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French observers believe West has something to learn from Russian elections

"I would like to particularly note measures taken to ensure the participation of persons with limited mobility," he said

ST. PETERSBURG, September 20. /TASS/. The latest elections in Russia were organized on the supreme level, and, from this point of view, Western countries have something to learn from Russia, a European Parliament member from France, Jean-Lin Lacapelle, said after monitoring the elections in Russia’s second largest city of St. Petersburg.

"I note with satisfaction that the organization was at the supreme level," Lacapelle said, summing up the results of his three-day observation of voting at various polling stations in St. Petersburg. "There are even some things that the West should learn from you."

"I would like to particularly note measures taken to ensure the participation of persons with limited mobility: at-home vote was available, as well as various technologies allowing them to cast their ballot directly at the polling station. I think that this is something we can learn from."

The head of the delegation of foreign observers, European Parliament member Thierry Mariani, said that security measures at polling stations in Russia are becoming more and more serious.

"For example, there are cameras everywhere now. Very often, no such security measures are taken in other states. For example, we have no cameras in France," he said.

"We noted that, regretfully, the turnout was not high, but this tendency can be observed everywhere," Mariani said.

Mariani stressed that he and his colleagues arrived to Russia in their personal capacity, not as members of the European Parliament.

French senator Stephane Ravier, in turn, said he saw "a truly democratic electoral process" in St. Petersburg.

European Parliament member Herve Juvin said the group of foreign observers visited about two dozens of polling stations and met with representatives of various political parties.

"I would like to note that <…> I saw no violations with my own eyes at the polling stations that we visited, and received no reports about them," he said.