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United Russia opens election situation monitoring center

Election data will be pouring in from all over the nation online round-the-clock

MOSCOW, September 17. /TASS/. The United Russia party has opened a federal election situation monitoring center to keep an eye on the voting process, which has begun in Russia. Election data will be pouring in from all over the nation online round-the-clock, the secretary of United Russia’s General Council, Andrei Turchak, told the media on Friday.

The party’s situation analysis center will be working along several tracks, one of these being contacts with election monitors. Turchak recalled that his party had delegated more than 100,000 monitors, who would be present at all polling stations, even the remotest ones.

Monitors’ tasks

"The key task of our monitors is to ensure the observance of epidemiological security at the polling stations in line with the agreement that United Russia initiated at the very beginning of the election campaign and the need for holding the voting in the safest conditions for the people," Turchak said.

He explained that as always the monitors "will be providing information about the opening of polling stations, turnouts, onsite voting and violations, if any."

Lawyers on duty at United Russia’s situation center keep in touch not only with monitors locally, but also with regional offices of the party.

"They are analyzing the incoming information flows, pass legal judgements on reports from the polling stations, and have a chance to contact any regional situation center of United Russia in a video conference mode," Turchak said, adding that this would allow for addressing arising issues online and enforcing the legitimacy and transparency of the voting process.

Russia’s elections

Russia on September 17, 18 and 19 is holding elections of the 8th State Duma and also direct elections of nine heads of constituent regions of Russia and 39 regional legislatures. A total of 96,000 polling stations, including 2,500 temporary ones, will be open across Russia.

United Russia has delegated 104,000 monitors to polling stations across the country. Their instruction lasted several months.