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Russia’s senior diplomat content with results of Russia-US strategic stability talks

Sergey Ryabkov that the meeting was a less formal process than negotiations and the delegations were engaged in dialogue

GENEVA, July 28. /TASS/. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov is happy with the way that the Russian-American strategic stability consultations went.

"We managed to broadly present positions to each other, we also heard critical comments from the American side which is very normal, we also heard their opinion about the way we need to continue working. In general, we are very content about this first opening meeting at our level in Geneva," he told reporters on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, Ryabkov underlined that this meeting was not negotiations in format. "We are engaged in dialogue, let’s be frank. It is a less formal process than negotiations. We are fine with that. If this dialogue is conscious and rational, it will be an achievement in itself when we will be able to report back to our leaders about fulfilling the instructions in the way they were delivered," the senior diplomat pointed out.