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Turkey is bound to understand reasons for flight restrictions from Russia, Kremlin says

The situation with the ban on tourism is not related to bilateral relations, according to the spokesman

MOSCOW, April 16. /TASS/. Turkey cannot but understand Russia’s decision to restrict air service between the two countries over concerns for Russian citizens’ health, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Friday.

"The situation with the ban on tourism is not in any way related to bilateral relations," the Kremlin representative emphasized. "It is linked to the ongoing pandemic and the worsening epidemiological situation in Turkey," he explained. "Of course, our Turkish partners cannot but treat with understanding our care for our own citizens. This is, in fact, the essence of partnership," the spokesman noted.

He also responded in the negative to a question on whether there had been a recent cooling in the two countries’ relations, especially over Moscow’s decision to restrict flights.

From April 15 through June 1, Russia is limiting regular air service with Turkey due to a new coronavirus outbreak there. The number of flights was reduced to two per week on a mutual basis. This decision was made by the federal anti-coronavirus crisis center.