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Putin tells Macron problem of terrorism is common agenda for Moscow and Paris

The Russian leader stressed that on this day, June 26, 75 years ago the United Nations Charter was signed

NOVO-OGARYOVO, June 26. /TASS/. The problem of terrorism and the destruction of the arms control system is a common agenda for Moscow and Paris, Russian President Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, during videoconference talks.

"Our old problems that are to be addresses through joint efforts are still in place, regrettably. They include terrorism, uncontrolled migration, climate change, pandemics in a broader sense of the word, not necessarily linked with the coronavirus infections, but with infections in general, as well as the arms control system that is going to pieces," Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, it is a common agenda for the two countries. "I think that today we will discuss everything I have just mentioned this or that way, and, of course, we will speak about the growth of the explosive potential in hotbeds of tension. We will probably speak about the problems of Ukraine and the Balkans, about the situation in Syria and Libya," Putin said, adding that he knew that these problems were in focus of attention of his vis-·-vis.

He stressed that on this day, June 26, 75 years ago the United Nations Charter was signed. "It is a reminder that consolidated efforts in combating common problems and common challenges are always topical. If we want to achieve positive results, we must join our efforts," the Russian president stressed, adding he knew about Macron’s intention to organize joint work on these problems. He promised to support these proposals and expressed confidence that today’s videoconference would be useful too.