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Russian Embassy slams Canada’s statement on Georgia cyberattacks

This step will exacerbate Russian-Canadian relations, according to the embassy

OTTAWA, February 21. /TASS/. The Canadian Foreign Ministry’s statement pinning the responsibility for cyberattacks targeting Georgian government websites in October 2019 on Russia is another Russophobic step, which will exacerbate Russian-Canadian relations, the Russian Embassy in Ottawa said in a Twitter post.

"Another piece of Russophobic lies and fakes spread by Ottawa in concert with Tbilisi and Washington. Highly deplorable and reprehensible policy furtherly degrading already weakened Russia-Canada relations," the embassy noted.

On Thursday, the Canadian Foreign Ministry said that Ottawa joined its allies who likewise accused Moscow of carrying out a series of massive and destructive cyberattacks targeting Georgia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has rejected these accusations stressing that they were unfounded and politically motivated. Moscow voiced regret over the fact that Georgia continued to pursue the policy of demonizing Russia and learned no lessons from last year’s crisis.

Georgian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Vladimir Konstantinidi earlier alleged that the Main Directorate of Russia’s General Staff was behind the massive cyberattack on Georgia’s government and commercial websites in October 2019. He claimed that the investigation conducted by Georgia and the information received in cooperation with its international partners pointed to that.