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Russian embassy calls on Estonia to abandon anti-Russian rhetoric

The diplomatic mission emphasized that giving up on anti-Russian rhetoric and awareness of the real state of affairs would help to improve the atmosphere in relations between the two countries

TALLINN, November 21. /TASS/. Tallinn could improve relations with Moscow if Estonian politicians abandoned their anti-Russian rhetoric, the Russian embassy in Estonia said in a statement on Facebook on Thursday.

"Since Estonian officials continue to make statements about Russia’s alleged plans to carry out aggression, the embassy would like to point to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address to the Russia Calling Investment Forum, in which he made it perfectly clear that Moscow had no plans to attack anyone," the statement reads.

In his address, Putin said that the Russian threat myth had been invented by those who sought to make profit out of it. According to him, in previous years, the United States used to tell European countries that they had to pay for protection from the Soviet threat. "It doesn’t work today. Despite all the issues related to Ukraine and speculations around Crimea and Donbass, everybody understands perfectly well that Russia has no plans to attack anyone," Putin pointed out. "It is bullshit and nonsense. The Russian threat was invented by those who seek to make profit out of the struggle against Russia and gain some bonuses and preferences. It is clear to everyone, including the leaders of key European countries," he added.

"We would like to hope that it will become evident even to those in Estonia who are obsessed with hatred of Russia and never get tired of trying to prove the contrary," the Russian embassy pointed out. "If they realize what the real situation is like - which is what the Russian head of state calls for - it would help improve Russia-Estonia relations. We believe that it would benefit the people of both countries," the statement emphasized.