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Moscow urges Council of Europe to tackle bias against Russian-speakers in Ukraine, Baltics

The Russian mission particularly mentioned Latvia and Estonia in this regard

PARIS, September 26 /TASS/. The Council of Europe should put more effort into fighting discrimination facing the Russian-speaking populations of Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia, the Russian mission to the Council said in a statement on Facebook on Thursday.

"Today is European Day of Languages, which was proclaimed by the Council of Europe in 2001 in order to remind us of Europe’s rich linguistic and cultural diversity that needs to be supported and preserved," the statement reads.

"This goal is especially vital today, when the Russian-speaking inhabitants of Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia are being deprived of the opportunity to learn and freely use their native language and promote their own culture," the mission pointed out. "We are confident that the Council of Europe needs to pay more attention to the discrimination against Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia," the document adds.