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Kremlin spokesman calls US’ plans to buy Greenland international shopping

The press secretary pledged Russia would not interfere in the affair

MOSCOW, August 22. /TASS/. Russian president’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has described the United States’ plans to buy Greenland as international shopping and pledged Russia would not interfere in the affair.

"It is none of our business. We never indulge in such international shopping. This is a matter of relations between the United States and Denmark. If we get it right, they have had a falling out. But it has nothing to do with us, so, we would like to stay away from that," he told journalists.

Peskov refrained from answering a question whether Moscow considered such Washington’s plans as part of the war for Arctic resources. "Russia is taking efforts within the United Nations corresponding structures to defend its rights to the [Arctic] shelf. Some progress is visible and these efforts will continue," he said.

US President Donald Trump said on August 19 the country was interested in purchasing Greenland, an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark. In his words, it is a "large real estate deal."

Greenland’s and Denmark’s authorities, in turn, said Greenland was interested in cooperation with the United States and would not be up for sale.

Later, Trump postponed his meetings with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen scheduled for early September over her refusal to discuss that topic.