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Russian Foreign Ministry: Washington not interested in global counterterrorism cooperation

MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. Statements of US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats concerning the threat to the US from the side of Russia prove that Washington has lost interest in the international counterterrorism cooperation, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated on Friday.

According to the ministry, Coats’ statements suggest that "international terrorism is far from being the main threat," and that they highlight "the need to stand against Russia and China, whom Washington sees as its principal adversaries, along with Iran and North Korea." "Of course, such an approach is a shame. In general, there is a feeling that the USA has lost interest in the international counterterrorism cooperation, despite such a harsh lesson from their own history like the Al-Qaeda (terrorist group outlawed in Russia - TASS) terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001," the Russian ministry stressed.

"Moreover, as we see in the case of Syria, Washington is not above using actual terrorists to their own geopolitical gain," the message concluded.

"Instead of counteracting real threats, Washington chooses made-up ones, setting up their society for confrontation with states that do not intend to do the Americans any harm," the Russian Foreign Ministry noted. "On the opposite, it is the US who is constantly trying to pressure Russia, China, Iran and North Korea by economic sanctions and by demonstrating military power along their borders."

However, Coats’ report points out that Russia would like to cooperate with the US in the areas where Russian and US interests coincide, the ministry added. "This is true, including our commitment to closely cooperate in the fight against terrorism, however, they chose not to mention whether Washington shares the same commitment," the commentary stressed. "Judging by the anti-Russian rhetoric constantly heard from the US, it seems that they keep looking for the enemy where there is none," the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.