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Yakutian district says all local fires extinguished

One of the largest divisions of firefighters that operated in the region is steadily being withdrawn from the taiga

YAKUTSK, August 26. / TASS /. All of the blazes in Yakutia’s Mirninsky District, located in Russia’s Far East, have been extinguished, the regional administration said on Thursday.

"Today, no forest fires have been recorded in the Mirninsky District. On the morning of August 26, a wildfire, localized on Tuesday, was put out. A group of forces, one of the largest, operated there, and its firefighters are steadily being withdrawn from the taiga," the press service noted.

As the regional administration specified, on August 24, the wildfire was localized thanks to some 78 firefighters from a special division of the Aerial Forest Protection Service, working on site.

According to the regional Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the blaze engulfed a total of 11,140 hectares. The wildfire, detected on June 23, was triggered by thunderstorms.

Yakutia is one of Russia's most fire-prone regions. From July 1, 2021, residents are banned from visiting any woodland areas. To date, a state of emergency remains in force since the danger of the forest fires spreading to populated communities and economic facilities still exists. On August 13, Yakutia and the Irkutsk Region also introduced an interregional state of emergency amid the natural fires that is still in effect.