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Emergencies ministry opens investigation into Ryazan Region wildfires

It is noted that three hot spots remain at the moment

MOSCOW, August 18. /TASS/. Investigators of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations have opened a criminal case over two wildfires in the Ryazan Region, an emergency services source told TASS on Thursday.

The criminal case was launched "into two fires in the Kudomsky area forestry under the article on the destruction or damage to woodland," the source said.

The area of forest fires in the Ryazan Region currently amounts to 181 hectares, yet the night before, the authorities reported that 84.8 hectares had been engulfed in flames. Nevertheless, firefighters managed to reduce the number of active hot spots from five to three, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov wrote on his Telegram channel on Thursday.

"At the moment, three hot spots remain, and the wildfire’s total area is 181 hectares," he said.