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France views murder of policewoman in Rambouillet as terror attack, media reports say

The attack took place on Friday

PARIS, April 23. /TASS/. France views the murder of a policewoman in the city of Rambouillet as a terror attack, BFM TV reported Friday. According to the report, the criminal case was handed over to the anti-terror prosecutors.

The investigators classify it as a terror attack, because it happened in a police building, like several earlier attacks. The perpetrator was armed with a knife, like in a number of similar terrorism-motivated attacks.

The anti-terrorism prosecutors’ office representative disclosed that the attacker prepared for the crime in advance.

The attack took place on Friday. The attacker - a 36-year-old citizen of Tunisia - stabbed a women in the commissioner’s office in the neck with a knife, which led to the woman’s death. Policemen present in the building fired several shots at the attacker. He was hospitalized in critical condition and died from sustained injuries shortly.

The attacker obtained a French residence permit in 2019. He moved to Rambouillet, 60 km southwest of Paris, recently.