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Investigators find blood traces in apartment of Russian mom and daughter missing in Munich

The mother's husband is under suspicion

BERLIN, August 14./TASS/. German investigators have found traces of blood in the Munich apartment of two female Russian nationals who went missing a month ago, the Bild newspaper said on Wednesday.

According to the paper’s sources, German police believe that the husband of Maria, 46, first killed her and then her 16-year-old daughter to cover up crime. "The bodies have not been found as of yet, but we hope to find them," the Bild quoted Ken Heidenreich, spokesman for the Munich Prosecutor’s Office, as saying. The investigation believes that the mother and daughter were killed in the apartment and then moved elsewhere.

Josef Wimmer, director of Munich's Murder Commission, said on Tuesday that a doormat had been found in the woods to the east of Munich that had disappeared from the Munich apartment of the Russian mother and daughter after the suspected murder. Spots of what is believed to be the victims’ blood were found on the doormat.

No pry marks were found in the apartment. According to the investigation, Maria owns an apartment in central Moscow. If her body is not found within five years, her husband will obtain ownership.

Maria and her daughter went missing on July 13. They left home walking along Ottobrunner Strasse and headed to a shopping center in the Neuperlach neighborhood. They haven’t contacted their relatives since then.

Maria’s husband, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, was detained on June 21. He is suspected of killing the two. The man is currently in a pretrial detention center and is not cooperating with the investigators. Nothing has been reported about his possible motives as of yet.