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Crew of emergency landed An-24 reported control system failure — source

Twenty-two people were injured following the incident

TASS, June 27. The crew of the An-24 jet that made an emergency landing in the north of the Russian region of Buryatia was reporting a failure of the control systems and that the landing was conducted with one engine running, a source in the region’s emergency services told TASS.

"They [the crew] were reporting problems, control system failure, landing with one engine. Undeniably, they were," the source said.

As Nizhneangarsk Airport told TASS, emergency services were already at the scene to help the emergency landing plane.

Currently, firefighters, medical services and internal affairs agency officers are at the emergency landing site. The transport prosecution office launched a probe into the incident.

On Thursday morning, Angara Airlines’ An-24 took off in Ulan-Ude to travel to Nizhneangarsk. After the takeoff, one of the plane’s engines failed. According to the preliminary information, the emergency landing saw the plane overran the runway by 100 meters and drove into a disposal facility building, the fire broke out on the plane. The emergency resulted in the crew captain and a firefighter’s deaths, twenty-two people were injured, they were brought to medical facilities. A criminal case was launched to investigate the incident.