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Rosneft eyeing number of promising projects in Laptev Sea offshore zone

SOCHI, June 22. /TASS/. Rosneft has identified a number of promising oil bearing "structures" at the Khatanga offshore zone in the Laptev Sea, in addition to a large field that was discovered earlier, head of the company Igor Sechin told reporters.

"We have identified a number of promising structures there, in addition to the Central Olginskaya (a well where a large field in the Laptev Sea was discovered - TASS)," Sechin said.

In early April, Rosneft started drilling the northernmost well in the Russian Arctic offshore zone shelf, which is the Central Olginskaya-1 well at the Khatanga license area. President Vladimir Putin gave start to the exploratory drilling in the course of a video conference with the head of Rosneft.

Sechin said that potential reserves of the Laptev Sea area only, according to experts, amount to 9.5 billion tonnes of oil equivalent. However, as a result of seismic exploration in the Laptev Sea, the experts identified 114 promising oil bearing structures against 28 as it was earlier expected, the head of Rosneft noted.

In June, Rosneft reported that during the drilling of the Central-Olginskaya-1 exploratory well a new deposit was discovered. Its potential reserves are yet to be announced.

Sechin noted that the company expects successful drilling at the Khatanga site, and did not rule out that foreign partners may take part in the project.

Rosneft plans to intensify the work on exploratory drilling in the Arctic offshore zone. Until 2021, the company plans to drill four exploratory wells in the Laptev Sea and eight wells in the Kara and Barents Seas. Currently, Rosneft owns 28 license areas to develop the Arctic offshore zone with total resources of 34 billion tonnes of oil equivalent. The share of Rosneft exceeds 78% of the total area of ··licensed areas in the Arctic.