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Euro exchange rate exceeds 64 rubles on Moscow Exchange first since October 12

The dollar exchange rate is up by 0.74%

MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. The euro exchange rate exceeded 64 rubles during foreign currency trading on Moscow Exchange on Monday for the first time since October 12, 2022, according to trading data.

As of 3:55 pm Moscow time the euro exchange rate was up by 1.72% at 64.0075 rubles.

By 4:18 pm the euro slightly narrowed gains to 1.54% trading at 63.89 rubles. Meanwhile the dollar exchange rate was up by 0.74% at 60.98 rubles.

The MOEX Index was down by 1.23% at 2,168.17 points, while the dollar-denominated RTS Index was down by 1.84% at 1,120.07 points, according to trading data as of 4:18 pm Moscow time.