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Two ships with Ukrainian agricultural products enter Turkish territorial waters

Ocean Lion at 21:57 Moscow time was near the entrance to the Bosphorus, Rahmi Yagci is heading towards the strait

MOSCOW, August 11. /TASS/. The Ocean Lion and Rahmi Yagci ships carrying Ukrainian corn and sunflower oil entered on Wednesday the territorial waters of Turkey after setting sail from a Ukrainian port on Tuesday morning, according to the Marine Traffic online services tracking vessels.

According to the service, the Ocean Lion was close to the Bosphorus Strait at 21:57 Moscow time, while the Rahmi Yagci ship was heading towards the strait. On August 9, the Turkish Defense Ministry reported that two bulk carriers had left the Chernomorsk port of Ukraine. According to the ministry, the Ocean Lion is carrying 64,000 tonnes of corn to South Korea, while the Rahmi Yagci is on its way to Istanbul with 5,300 tonnes of sunflower oil on board.

A package of documents aimed at resolving the issue of food and fertilizer supplies to global markets was signed in Istanbul on July 22. One of the documents creates a mechanism to export grain from Ukraine-controlled Black Sea ports. The deal inked between Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN provided for the establishment of a four-party coordination center whose representatives will inspect grain ships in order to prevent arms smuggling and false flag operations. As of now, there is data about 12 ships laden with agricultural products that have left Ukrainian ports.