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Google continues to operate in Russia — Rostelecom

Mikhail Oseevsky noted that the company's network had a large margin of safety

MOSCOW, May 18. /TASS/. Google continues to operate in Russia, all servers also remain in the country, President of Russia’s national telecommunications operator Rostelecom Mikhail Oseevsky announced on Wednesday.

"The first wave of fears has already passed. We see that the pressure on Russia continues. So far, the situation is stable. At the beginning of the year, traffic grew slightly. Technically, our network has a large margin of safety. <... > Google is working, all the servers are here, we continue to earn on this," Oseevsky said.

He added that Rostelecom's traffic grew slightly at the beginning of the year. After the shutdown of Facebook (banned in Russia, owned by Meta, outlawed in Russia as an extremist organization), traffic fell, but increased again due to VPN services.