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Gasoline production up 1.9% over week

Russia’s average consumer gasoline prices hiked to $0.66 per liter

MOSCOW, July 29. /TASS/. Motor gasoline production moved up by 1.9% over the reporting week from July 19 to 25 and totaled 763,400 tonnes, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) said on Thursday.

Diesel fuel output added 1% and reached 1.44 mln tonnes at the same time.

Russia’s average consumer gasoline prices hiked by 13 kopecks to 48.44 rubles ($0.66) per liter. Diesel fuel prices added ten kopecks to 50.28 rubles ($0.69) per liter, the statistical service said.

Prices rose to 45.63 rubles ($0.62) a liter for regular (92 Octane), to 49.36 rubles ($0.68) for premium (95 Octane) and to 56.53 rubles ($0.77) per liter for 98 Octane grade gasoline during the reporting week.

The prices had an uptick in 65 Russian regions, specifically by 1.7% in Vladivostok and 1.3% in Kyzyl.

Consumer prices for the motor gasoline added 0.3% in Moscow and 0.2% in St. Petersburg over the last week, Rosstat said.