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Media: Hainan sets new targets for civilized sustainable development until 2025

HAIKOU, January 21. /TASS/. The Hainan authorities have formulated new objectives for civilized sustainable development for the 14th five-year plan (2021-2025). According to the "Hainan Daily", during this time it is planned to make a breakthrough in the development of highly efficient energy sources.

"At an upcoming stage, we will make active efforts to increase the share of alternative sources in the energy balance," the publication quoted the deputy head of the regional committee for development and reform Yan Rencai as saying. "The increase in harmful emissions into the atmosphere on Hainan should stop by 2025, and by 2050 we plan to achieve the so-called carbon neutrality (pollution is compensated by the development of eco-friendly projects — TASS) ".

As the official explained, in order to solve this problem, the government plans to carry out structural changes, as a result of which a safe "green" energy system will finally be set up on the island.

"During the 14th five-year plan, we have to lay the foundation for the fulfillment of two key tasks for 2035: the level of ecology and the efficiency of the use of natural resources on the island must correspond to the advanced international level," said the deputy head of the Hainan Environmental Protection Department, Kong Linghui. "We will create a road map for a civilized environmentally friendly development, <...> we will eliminate the existing flaws, accelerating the process of reforms and innovations. "

He recalled that Hainan has already taken a number of important measures in this direction. In particular, in December 2020, the government introduced a ban on the use of single-use plastic. Kong Linghui noted that this decision has stimulated the transition of more than 80 local manufacturers to produce products from new eco-friendly materials. According to the estimates of the authorities, the province thus saved itself from the problem of the annual disposal of hazardous polymer waste, which weighed tens of thousands of tonnes.

According to official statistics, Hainan continues to lead among Chinese regions with the best ecology. Thus, for about 99.5% of the time in 2020, ecologists recorded high air quality on the island: the level of harmful particles in the atmosphere was minimal. Over the past 12 months, the province's water resources have been virtually free of pollution in accordance with the national standards.